Transparency of the internet

The world has become smaller and smaller. Not phically, but practically. We can contact people on the other side of the globe as easy as we can contact our neighbour. Instantaneously. In real-time. Information is created and distributed at the speed of light.

Mobile phones and internet have destroyed all barriers to communicate. One-to-one communication is enhanced with new communication models such as one-to-many and many-to-many points of communication. Customers can now find information anywhere anytime from anyone.

We live an area where we trust an unknown stranger (but also customer) more than we do trust the supplier. One nasty remark on one of your products or services and the world knows it. Suppliers lose control of the conversation with the customer. Suppliers cannot control, but they can direct. They should direct. But often they do not know how.

The transparency of the internet leads to an overflow of information. There is too much information and it is difficult -if not impossible- to determine whether the source of information is trustworthy. This leads to confused customers. Read more.


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