The confused customer

Really, the customer is confused. He or she can find any information anytime anywhere. About your organization, products and services. And that of your customers. And of your competitors. And other relevant organizations. And other irrelevant organiziations. The customer is empowered by information.

There is two problems with freedom of information:

  1. it is impossible to judge the accuracy of information. Some sources can be trusted more than others. A forum with peer customers is considered to be more trustworthy than the website of the supplier. The customer must be able to detect the accuracy, but in reality, he or she cannot.
  2. freedom of information enables freedom of choice. However, research shows that freedom of choice is scary if the number of options become more than 8 or 10. Customers must have the skills to cut the number of options down to that number that they can handle. But in reality, they do not have those skills.

What is the result? The confused customer turns to the source that he or she trusts best. Even if this is a complete stranger, this option may be more trustworthy than the supplier.

But how can you communicate with this confused customer? By focussing. How? Read here.


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