The age of focus

This world offers virually unlimited opportunities. More opportunities than resources of an organization can handle. Any organization. Setting priorities and subsequently making choices is not only inevitable, it is the duty of the company’s leader. Only then opportunities can really be explored and followed up. Distraction free execution is required.

Suppliers should focus on customers. No, really focus. Really, really focus. By giving customers undivided unattention. Focus comes on two levels:

  1. strategical focus. This implies making the right choices, so that energy is freed up. Chosing may be losing, but in practice is the principle ‘less is more’ applicable. Clearly and conciously chose your target audience, your proposition and your market strategy.
  2. ’now and here’ focus. The ’now’ focus is on transactional level and means that we focus on what is happening ’now’ and ‘here’. It means distraction free dealing with customers. Giving the customer undivided attention.

Whereas the strategical focus is an organizational competence, the ’now and here’ focus in a personal habit. The strategical focus enables us to do the right things, the ’now and here’ focus makes us do the things right. Effectiveness and efficiency paired. Resulting in effortlessly doing more.

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