Trouble with your sales? Get better in sales with Jack Daly – part 1

Jack Daly is teaching us about sales today. An important element to improve your business with more revenue and more profit.

Jack Daly shares that he has been selling since he was 12, expanding his paper round from 42 to 245 clients. And he was an entrepreneur by the age of 13, he hired 5 “assistants” to do the paper round for him and kept 70% of the money.

This was the time he learned that he wanted to be an entrepreneur in life.
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From the beginning of the masterclass Jack makes it very clear that it is all about Systems and Processes.

Jack Daly Amsterdam 2014 Spark Leadership Masterclass Sales


Let’s look at sports professionals, college sports teams and even high school teams, they use a playbook. A book that has the strategies for the next game day. They train the team during the weeks before to deliver the best game.

At the same time, the best companies don’t have a playbook for their sales people. Does your company have a playbook? When a new sales person comes in, can he take over from the colleagues and follow your playbook of sales?

It’s not that a sports team waits for game day and says to the players in the team. “Give it your best today!”
This is what happens with most sales people. “Here are our products. Now do your thing sales person.”

Your industry has specific strategies, rules and tactics. Create a playbook with systems and processes. The players have to adhere to it or they will have to leave. This should be true for your company.

When we hire someone for sales, we teach them about our business and then we want them as soon as possible on the road. That’s where he/she is doing the magic. Right?

“Rush to urgent at the expense of the important.”

This would be Jack’s first 30 days hired for sales:

  • The first week I will be attached to the hip of the No.1 sales person. What he/she does and why and what they don’t do. Learn what they enter in the contact management system. Ask questions on what they did to become the No.1 sales person in the company.
  • Week 2 – be with the No.2 person
  • Week 3 – be with the No.3 person
  • Week 4 – analyse the 3 best sales people and add my experience.

This information should be in your playbook.
During the first 30 days there will be no new clients from the new sales person, no sales. Just asking questions, listen and learn.

The answers of the best sales people can usually be found in house. If you have a small sales staff, then steal the best sales knowledge from your competitor. Get to follow their best sales person and learn!
Build your playbook. Model the masters.

Agenda for the sales master class with Jack Daly

This is what Jack covered during this one day.
Jack Daly Amsterdam 2014 Spark Leadership Masterclass Sales

Doing all the work

What is your hourly rate?
Even when you work on commission basis you have an hourly rate:
How much money do you make in a month divided by the hours you work in a month.

Time is money.
When you enter the notes of a sales call in the contact management system are you using your time in the best way? Or when you are doing research to find new addresses, competitors or leads. Using your time in the most profitable way?

When do you make the most money? Entering details, searching for data or on a sales call?
And now think about the hourly rate of an assistant. How much does an assistant cost per hour?

“If you don’t have an assistant. You are one.”

Go and find yourself an assistant. Model the Masters.

You have put all your effort in getting the client, make sure you don’t waste it. Keep the client buying from you as long as you can.

“Once you get the client. Milk it baby. Milk it.”

As humans we can do things we believe are impossible.

3 minutes of inspiration – Julie Moss

Do you remember the woman that won this Iron Man? You do remember Julie Moss. Doing the impossible.

Ask Questions and Listen

Asking questions, all the time.
The people that ask questions are in control.

Who are the key people in your business. The people that have contact with your clients.
Differentiate yourself from your competition. Make friends with these key people. They will bring in pre-qualified leads (referrals). Price is less of an issue at this point. There is already a basis of trust.

Meet with these people. Meet with your clients. Ask questions. In the workbook there is a whole set of questions you want ask your client. Information that you will store in your contact management system.

Ask questions and listen. The shortest course on sales:

Trust and friends

Some sales people have this “I keep my personal life and business life separate” rule for social media. Especially for Facebook.

“If you keep your personal life and business life separate you’ll soon be out of business. You do business with friends.”

Jack invited us to connect with him on Facebook and LinkedIn. You get access to the right people. Use the trust that Jack already has with the C-suite.

He also invites us to “throw your business card on the stage”. His assistant will add you to the email list. More than 70.000 people are already on his mailing list.
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“Selling is the transfer of trust.
Trust trumps price all day long.”

Are your potential clients saying that the price is too high?
You have not enough trust or not enough perceived value.
Exhibit trust, by asking more questions and find out if there is a fit. If there isn’t a fit, don’t sell.

Book tip
Patrick Lencioni wrote the most important book on sales “Getting Naked” by Patrick Lencioni. Use the link and you can order it directly from Amazon UK.

Systems and Processes

Jack is not only very structured in his business. He also uses systems and processes in his personal life.

He shares his goals for the year on his website, Jack Daly Goals. He also shares these goals with his Board of Directories. That makes him accountable.

People that follow him, ask him all the time how he his doing on the golf goal or the iron man or his marathon goals.

Jack also keeps a personal folder that has a weekly schedule so he knows how many hours he has to put in each week for the individual goals.

Jack also reports back on how he did on his goals. You can read this in his Year in review report.

Maybe this is a bit too much for you. However, keep in mind that when you write down your goals and break them down in weekly numbers you will increase the chance for your success.

When you have such a system in your personal life, how do you think you will work in your business?

Personally I can confirm that since I have broken down the yearly goals in monthly goals I am doing much better on succeeding. In the next few days I will break this down in goals per week.

I also do a daily huddle and share my top priorities for today. That really makes me accountable and often I put in some extra effort to clear that last priority of my list. I try to keep it at 3 priorities per day.

Jack mixes learnings with personal stories and examples. He is moving forward at high speed during the day and keeping the energy high.

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