Flowcreation: the essentials of personal energy

Energy contributes to success and growth. Lack of energy causes failure and eventually death. Energy is this intangible thing which is all around us and what keeps us going. Yet, we know so little about it, let alone that we use it to our benefit in daily life. Let us find out what energy really is.

What is energy?
The computer dictionary says this about energy:

energy |ˈenərjē|
noun ( pl. -gies)
1 the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity : changes in the levels of vitamins can affect energy and well-being.
• a feeling of possessing such strength and vitality.
• force or vigor of expression.
• ( energies) a person’s physical and mental powers, typically as applied to a particular task or activity.
2 power derived from the utilization of physical or chemical resources, esp. to provide light and heat or to work machines.
3 Physics the property of matter and radiation that is manifest as a capacity to perform work (such as causing motion or the interaction of molecules) : a collision in which no energy is transferred.
• a degree or level of this capacity possessed by something or required by a process.

A powerful conclusion is that energy is the power to change things. It is the ability of a system to do work. Despite it is intangible, it is very important.

Personal energy
In this article we focus on personal kinetic energy, the energy that is required to grow and getting dreams done. This energy is in everyone, yet without focus there may be some spoiling.

We dive into personal energy first before we explore organisational energy. The main reason for that is that everyone can relate to the concept of energy. Everyone has experienced this energy concept himself or herself.

The characteristics of energy
Energy has got a number of interesting characteristics:

  • energy has got a polarity, it is either positive or negative. Energy has the capacity to polarise into contrasting groups.
  • energy is kinetic. It is not static, enery moves and flows. Always all the time. If energy is blocked, it will find another way.
  • energy comes from a source and flows to a destionation. All energy has its origin where it stems from.
  • the amount of energy is fixed. In a closed system, the amount of energy is fixed. Neither human beings nor organisations are closed systems. But the concept is important in becoming energy conscious.

The crucial question now is how to become conscious of the role of energy in your personal life and how you can influence it.

Raising energy…
Everyone knows how it feels to be energised. It feels great and you get a lot done. You react pleasantly to people and events around you and people react in a pleasant way to you. There are four major ways to raise your energy level:

  • eat healthy food. Food is a major source of energy. Sufficient healthy food energises.
  • relax (and sleep well). The saying is ‘recharge your battery’, that is just what relaxing does.
  • do what you love to do. Passion is a great source of energy which keeps you going. It is an internal source of energy.
  • people and events that inspire you. Others can spark something in you that energises. This is an external source of energy but taps into your own energy system.

Sex and sports may raise your energy level as well, although I have also found evidence on websites that it may drain your energy. For me, it at least energises me mentally.

… or do you reduce your energy?
There are also several activities that drain energy. You may recognise one or more of the following:

  • eating too much food or unhealthy food costs a lot of energy to digest. Current insights ban processed food, carbohydrates and refined sugar. Sugar is the most freely available addictive ingredient there is and causes a brief spike of energy, followed by a deep feeling of tiredness.
  • alcohol and smoking are habits that are bad for your energy level.
  • doing works and other activities that are too easy for you. You find yourself not challenged. Being understressed cost a lot of energy.
  • doing activities which you dislike or hate. These are an internal leak of energy, often disguised in emtions such as frustration and anger.
  • people and events leak energy. External energy leaks can drain your energy level (if you allow that).

A spark of energy
Energy is contagious. Positive energy sparks. Energised people beam. The power of this sparking effect is often underrated in personal as well as in organisational setting. This spark of energy can actually be the carrier of information. With a spark, it is easier to communicate.

This gives us sufficient understanding of the interesting phenomenon that is called energy. The next step in our quest to customer energy is to explore how that works with human beings and why that applies to organisations too.

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