Flowcreation: leading energy in organisations

Money is important. Money has been the driver in organisations for the last 30 years. Little emphasis has been given to energy in organisation. And that is shortsighted, as a focus on energy can bring sustainable profitable results. In a series of articles we will show and prove how energy manifests in organisations and what you can do to raise the level of energy in organisations.

Reason for writing about energy in organisations
I have been fascinated by energy for many, many years. This intangible phenomenon has a hugh impact on nature. Everything in nature grows when energised and dies when there it lacks energy. I have studied human energy and how that works. I’ll come back to that in a follow-up article. And I have experienced energy in organisations. How? Stay tuned!

Recently I met with Sibren van der Burgt. We appeared to share our passion about this subject and we decided to join forces in exploring this further. We brainstormed and came to the conclusion that there is a lot to say and do about energy in organisations. The birth of a series of articles dedicated to energy in organisations.

Flow – the power of Passion
Sibren initiated the Flowcreation project, based on the Flow concept of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Flow is a state of being where everything goes effortlessly and the brightest results are achieved. It feels like a ‘high’ where time and effort does not exist. A high in energy! Everyone has experienced the flow principle and will underwrite its importance. An important condition for flow is passion, that you love what you are doing. Passion is a great source of energy to inspire other people and get dreams done.

Four principles of energy
Based on my experience and study of energy, I have formulated four principles:

  • energy is ubiquitous, it is anywhere anytime. No living creature can escape from energy. In fact, we all need energy.
  • energy flows in the right direction if it flows freely
  • energy can be blocked or energy can leak, resulting in a less-than-optimal situation and indicating underlying problems
  • people can experience energy, but we have never learned how to do that, so we are rather insensitive and not yet developed our capabilities

A series of articles
This Flowcreation Series will contain a number of articles:

  • what is energy?
  • the working of human energy (you may stop eating sugar after reading this article)
  • the striking analogy between a human and an organization (and the one difference!)
  • the power of organisational energy
  • visualising organisational energy in an EnergyFlow Map
  • and the ultimate quest is to facilitate organisational energy so that it magnetises customers

But there are more topics worth exploring. The direct relationship between money and energy. Or what you can do to vitalise organisational energy. Which people and events generate or drain energy. The power of a vision and a brand identity seen from an energetic point of view. Or energy and leadership… Anyway, you get the point.

Feedback and experience
We welcome any kind of feedback and experience, whether it is on conceptual level or practical in daily life. Please do not hesitate to throw in the discussion what you have! Let us together contribute to the Flowcreation project and not spoil energy in organisations any longer!

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