Customer Focus Manifesto – Start here!

Welcome! This is beta version 0.2 of the Customer Focus Manifesto: a manifesto for suppliers to pay authentic and undivided attention to customers in an age where any attention is scarce.

Please note that this book is far from being finished. This version contains just the start of the book, and even these chapters are short at the moment. More chapters will be added in later versions and these chapters may be expanded and revised.

Table of contents

  1. introduction
  2. the power has shifted to the customer
  3. transparency of the internet
  4. the confused customer
  5. the age of focus
  6. attention is all
  7. the importance of customer focus
  8. customer flow
  9. the economical side of customer flow
  10. why customer flow matters now
  11. sources for inspiration

Please start your Customer Focus journey here.

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Netherlands License applies. Please find more information here. In short, you are free to modify the and use the content if you share alike and do not use it for commercial purposes.


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