Attention is all

Undivided attention is an important differentiator nowadays. Giving undivided attention to a customer (only singular) means that your mind is not occupied with other thoughts than relevant in dealing with that customer. The mind is not running crazy with (in that context) irrelevant thoughts like “What is the impact if I do this”, “I must also contact that other customer” or “Do I look handsome”. Turning off the mental chatter helps enormously in being able to give undivided attention.

Undivided attention is a kind of customer mindfulness. Your mind should be focused on the customer and his or her need. Listen carefully what the customers says and -more importantly- what he or she means. Customers tend to think in solutions, not in needs. It may well that your solution directly and seamlessly fits. That means that you have a competent customer who is lucky. More often, customers have decided what the solution is they need and look for “a CRM system”, “a communication training” or “a website”. They feel that this is the solution to their problem, but it is more worthwile to discover the customer’s need which is underlying.

You can only discover the true need of the customer when you are aware of your thoughts and how to silence this (at least for the duration of the session with the customer).

And now the harsh reality. People are pressed, stretched and stressed by too little time and organizations by too little resources. In this age of opportunity we fail to make the right choices what deserves our attention and what not. Thus we try to achieve too much and do everything at half speed, half effort and half quality. Ineffcient. Frustrating. And unsatisfying for customers. They need attention and they get splitted attention. If they are lucky.

Undivided attention is one of the most important starting conditions to achieve customer flow. Continue here.


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