A key role: Rockefeller Habits Champion

Rockefeller Habits is an incredible method to help your company grow. A solid implementation and roll-out is crucial. The Rockefeller Habits Champion is the key person that continuously improves the implementation while the business is growing. But who is this Rockefeller Habits Champion and what is his (or her) role?

Making a difference requires habits
Many companies begin with a lot of enthusiasm with Rockefeller Habits. And to be frank: with a huge positive upside. The organization becomes transparent, roles, responsibilities and accountabilities become suddenly clear. With the inevitable outcome: the business grows. But after a year or so sloppiness creeps in. Not from one day to the other. Oh no, it is hardly noticeable: just bit by bit. But is this really a problem? Not always and not directly anyways. But the sloppiness will in the end prevent your company to make a difference. Mediocrity lurks. And growth stalls.

Fit to grow needs habits
Rockefeller Habits must be maintained. Just like a car. A car running smoothly now, will fall apart someday when not properly maintained. Mostly exactly at the moment that you What happens when you don’t maintain the Rockfeller Habits implementation well? Among others this will happen:

  • not knowing who to ask. Employees with queries about Rockefeller Habits are clueless to whom to go. There is no internal central oracle. The one that started the thing is in our case always an entrepreneur. Great in kicking projects off, but lousy in following through. Employees stop asking and in best case do their own thing. And Rockefeller Habits has just died a bit.
  • expertise leaves slowly. In the beginning everyone is trained. But then a couple of people leave the company. They will be replaced, but seldom these new employees are trained properly on Rockefeller Habits. Because it is now too busy… later… but too often there is ‘later’. The new standard is lower and seems to be (barely?) enough.
  • there is no innovation and renewal. Rockefeller Habits 3 years ago was less sophisticated than it is today. New useful tools are introduced. More best practices are generated and shared. Renewal inspiration from outside the company lacks.
  • people are not challenged. Critical inquiry is absent. “I have this set of KPI’s for three years now, why should I change?” In the mean time the role my be changed and certainly the company priorities have changed. So what are your most meaningful KPI’s right now? Crritical and curious inquiry challenges people and makes it better.
  • Rockefeller Habits just seems to have lost its perfect fit. The company grows and the Rockefeller Habits implementation does not grow along.  And then suddenly Rockefeller Habits is to blaim. But in reality the tools and habits must be readjusted and renewed. Often just slightly. We recently had a case where a world-wide sales organization still used the old KPI’s whereas the organizational structure had been changed quite siginificantly. The KPI’s reported something that was not useful anymore. The VP Sales didn’t have meaningful KPI’s coming out of the organization. Rockfeller Habits was to blame. Or was it?

What can you do to keep Rockefeller Habits alive and successful?

Appoint the Rockefeller Habits Champion!

The Rockefeller Habits Champion is like a spider in the web. It is the central point for everything related to Rockefeller Habits in the company. It is not the entrepreneur. It can be someone from the management team. But this is not mandatory. We have had great results with office managers and other positions being an excellent Rockefeller Habits Champion. As long as they are connected and play a central role in the organization. The Rockefeller Habits Champion:

  • is the oracle for Rockefeller Habits. Employees having questions about or need information on Rockefeller Habits go to the Champion.
  • learns continuously about Rockefeller Habits by reading, watching videos , visiting events and following the community. What are new tools? What are new practices? From which companies can we learn how they have implemented Rockefeller Habits?
  • asks curious and critical questions. “Is this KPI still serving its purpose?” Or: “Which quarterly theme worked very well and which didn’t and why was that?”
  • keeps track who is trained. Makes sure that new employees are onboarded properly by inviting them to a Rockefeller Habits training.
  • ensures ongoing commitment to Rockefeller Habits. Chases unfamiliarty and ignorance and turns this into satisfaction by initiating actions and projects to improve the awareness and knowledge of Rockefeller Habits.

What should a Rockefeller Habits Champion do?

The Rockefeller Habits Champion’s activities include:

  • make and keep a Rockefeller Habits budget. It works extremely well to make a yearly plan with activities to keep Rockefeller Habits alive and improve its impact throughout the organization. Without a plan we often see ad-hoc improvement requests, always just a little too late. If we see the ad-hoc improvement requests at all, because we are sure that many good improvement ideas die in the daily noise.
  • learn a lot. Read books (a book per month), surfs the internet to watch videos and read BLOGs and visit gazelles.com.
  • visits other Rockefeller Habits operated companies. We are happy to facilitate this as we see it is extremely valuable for both companies (the host and the guest) to share best practices.
  • quarterly check to investigate where Rockefeller Habits can be improved. Keep a backlog of ideas and prioritize and plan what must be improved this quarter.
  • reads the One Page Strategic Plan regularly. Just to find mistakes and oddities and clarify these.

Which competencies will make a Rockefeller Habits Champion successful?

Competencies include:

  • can collect input. Know which sources provide value and new information, sources can be internal as well as external.
  • can process information. Is able to collect, filter and process information
  • can recommend. Draws clear conclusions and puts forward pratical recommentations. Can present in a conscise way.
  • feel the organization pulse. Knows that is alive within the organization and recognizes when the pulse slows down or fades away.
  • be curious. Ask a lot of questions. “What works?” and “What can we improve?”. Absorb new knowledge and best practices and consider: “How will this help us?”

What are the outcomes that a Rockefeller Habits Champion provides?

A great Rockefeller Habits Champion achieves the following outcomes:

  • everyone is trained. All employees are trained in Rockefeller Habits when onboarding the organization.
  • everyone is engaged. All employees know and are enthusastic about what Rockefeller Habits is and how it contributes to growth.
  • number of successful improvement initiatives.
  • everyone is satisfied. Measure satisfaction how much Rockefeller Habits adds to everyone’s job. Best practice is to measure twice per year and use eNPS as the tool.

Engaged, commitment and satisfaction are the three cornerstones for Rockefeller Habits enabling and accelerating growth. The Rockefeller Habits Champion knows how to ensure that Rockefeller Habits is supporting the organization in achieving its goals.

That makes Rockfeller Habits not only an increbible tool, but also a extremely valuable tool for growing your organization to its full potential.





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